Awaken Your Soul

I only read the title. Not the subtitle. When I picked out this book to read, I thought the title was interesting and felt that it was in keeping with a theme that God has had me on recently...Awakening.  Renewal. Personal Revival.  Restoration.  How like God to remind me that FASTING goes along with renewal and revival when it comes to a Christ Follower seeking to stay intimate and fresh in their walk.

Stovall Weems is not a name I have not been familiar with.  However, I like this pastor, friend, mentor.  He writes in a real, relevant and modern voice drawing the reader into his view of the 21st Century Christ Follower's need to seek God in an age old manner yet with out the staleness of days gone by.

In chapter 3, Stovall describes how fans at a sporting event do not need to be instructed on how to cheer for their team. No one says to clap because we are excited to see our team score.  No one encourages the crowd to stand to their feet to shout loudly as the unexpected play is made leading to victory.  The fans know what to do.  And others know who you are a fan of by your exuberant expressions of excitement and passion.

"Likewise, real followers of Christ will express genuine, authentic passion toward HIM..."

"Genuine spiritual passion comes from our hearts, but it manifests itself in our emotions and lifestyles..."

"Whatever you are passionate about, you will also be emotional about."

Stovall Weems suggests that staleness in our relationship with The One whose name we claim is an opportunity for us to grow cold in our love for the things of God... He teaches that FASTING will bring us into Agreement with God, Alignment with His Will and Word, in order to fulfill the Assignment we have been given.

Pastor Weems leads the reader to seek a 21 Day Fast in order to overcome the power of the will and to find fresh faith filled days.  He gives clear instruction on how to prepare, fast, then proceed.  He also has  a web-site that offers more devotional material, encouragement and other resources to revolutionize your relationship with God.

Honestly, I had planned to read the book, then sell it on eBay or Amazon or something.  I can not do that now as I have marked almost every page, highlighted many quotes that I want to remember.  I will tell everyone I know who seeks the Way to read and take to heart the message of Pastor Weems.

*I received this book for free from WaterBrook Multnomah Publishing Group for this review. The review posted reflects my personal opinions.