I Am...

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I Am... 

I am many things and one thing all at the same time. 

I am (learning) to be a woman of grace that freely gives grace and this is no easy task on some days.

I am seeking to be a woman who knows God's Word and knows how to apply it to my everyday ordinary.  This is not done by accidental osmosis on Sunday mornings. But everyday  seeking the Lord in the Bible as often as I can to see what He would say to me in my NOW.

I am the wife of one #HunkyHubby named Mike Morris and we have been married for 25 years this September... Ahh... these have been the best of days and the worst of days, sometimes, but by far the most BLESSED than any other days I could have ever hoped for.  He is a great dad and supportive husband who likes it when all is well at home and there is peace and harmony inside the walls of our house and my heart.  

I am the mother of three amazing young men whom I LIKE and LOVE.  Our oldest is Cameron, a guitarist, Matthew, a drummer and Kyle, a pianist.  I told you we have harmony in our home!  Sometimes when relationships are not hitting at their best, the chords played out in harmony have the sweetest sound... and that brings us back to our common ground of Faith, Family and, of course Food around my table for Sunday lunch. And they LOVE my MOM JOKES!!! (a.k.a. they laugh at me not with me!!!)

I am blessed to be friends with some young women that our boys love. Alex and Olivia make me smile because they make my sons smile.  They are women who love the Lord and are actively seeking to know him more on their journeys.

I am a worship leader for my Pastor and Husband at our small church in rural Pelzer, South Carolina. I know, interesting, right??? We have had our moments, but have come to a great place in ministry together where we are able to use our combined gifts to bring Worship and The Word to the Community of Faith that we serve at Oak Pointe Church.

I am a woman who is humbled by a church family who displays God's Grace in so many ways.  When I need grace, they give.  When they need grace, they serve and seek and receive what God so freely gives.  Grace, Grace, God's Grace... the kind that pardons and forgives offenses and extends kindness in love and truth.  I love my church family.  They Love God and Love People.

I am a woman who likes to paint things.  Furniture, walls, stuff. I am not that professional and I make mistakes that I have to go back and redo...but I like it!  I like to dream, create, plan and pursue loveliness in our home and yard... just don't look too closely because I usually get distracted and fail to finish projects... Did I tell you my husband is patient?

I am woman who enjoys being outside in the early morning when the birds are just beginning their morning song.  That is the time when my mind is fresh and the day is promising and the Lord is near. Oh, How He Loves!

I like long walks on the beach. I love the sea and the sand... the vastness of God's beauty on the horizon of possibilities and the awareness that He is far greater than my mind can comprehend...

Oh! the Depths and the Riches of His Grace! Beautifully displayed in the great unknown of the oceans depths and the broadness of the sky.  

I am complex and simple at the same time.  
I am many things and one thing all at the same time. 
I am A Woman of God.  

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