Something Funny

Hey there... I have been super busy lately walking by faith and feeling a little overwhelmed by my To Do List coupled with the fact that my mid-life clock is kicking in and I have had a really bad season of insomnia!!! Uggh!! 

However, I press on...with the help of Advil pm, I slept last night and dreamed some really crazy stuff... but that is another story!

Today I am linking up with #TheLoft and other bloggers who are sharing something funny.  

I want you to know that my boys (now adults) think I am incredibly funny. 

Well, I tell them that I am anyway.  They say that they "love" my Mom Jokes!  Translation- they laugh AT ME rather than WITH ME!! hahah!! at least they are laughing and we have a moment or two of smiles here and there together.

One of my GREATEST MOM JOKES happened several months ago.  

It all started when I went down to the "Man Cave" (a.k.a. the Basement) to do some mom-cleaning You know, the kind where things actually get moved and the tubs get really good and scrubbed?? That kind of clean.

The more I cleaned the madder I got. I was so upset with how messy and dirty they had allowed the space to become... so I quit.  I was furious and getting madder by the minute.  So I did what any good mother of grown up sons would do... 

I posted a sign on the basement door that went something like this:

You have until Wednesday @ 6:00 
to have the basement cleaned 
to MY STANDARD of clean.  
If this is not done, I will clean it for you, 
but you WILL BE CHARGED a cleaning fee of $50 each 
See me if you have questions!!"

My oldest son, Cameron, was the first to come in and see the note. He promptly took the note down and laughed and asked what was I thinking??? I told him I was very serious and he had better put the note back up and/or tell his brothers because I was serious!!

So then the other two came in right after, Matthew and Kyle, and asked why I was 'freaking out'?? 

"Because I am about to Go Postal on you!"

I kept thinking of that phrase... I had no idea what that really means.  So I said to them...

"I am seriously about to Go POSTAL about this!
I am not sure what that means
but if it means 
then I am going there!!"

As soon as the words came out of my mouth, I couldn't help but to laugh at myself and how funny they sounded... after all, I am the Queen of Mom Jokes!!

I was suddenly no longer mad, but was laughing at myself as they LAUGED histerically-AT ME!!

They often tease me when I seem frustrated or aggravated for any reason... "Mom, are you about to go postal??"  then they laugh and I can't help but smile at how much they make my heart smile.  I love them so!

I Am...

Today I am joining in a Link Up with #TheLoft.
The Loft is the place for conversation, community, networking, and Christian growth.

This week's topic is...

I Am... 

I am many things and one thing all at the same time. 

I am (learning) to be a woman of grace that freely gives grace and this is no easy task on some days.

I am seeking to be a woman who knows God's Word and knows how to apply it to my everyday ordinary.  This is not done by accidental osmosis on Sunday mornings. But everyday  seeking the Lord in the Bible as often as I can to see what He would say to me in my NOW.

I am the wife of one #HunkyHubby named Mike Morris and we have been married for 25 years this September... Ahh... these have been the best of days and the worst of days, sometimes, but by far the most BLESSED than any other days I could have ever hoped for.  He is a great dad and supportive husband who likes it when all is well at home and there is peace and harmony inside the walls of our house and my heart.  

I am the mother of three amazing young men whom I LIKE and LOVE.  Our oldest is Cameron, a guitarist, Matthew, a drummer and Kyle, a pianist.  I told you we have harmony in our home!  Sometimes when relationships are not hitting at their best, the chords played out in harmony have the sweetest sound... and that brings us back to our common ground of Faith, Family and, of course Food around my table for Sunday lunch. And they LOVE my MOM JOKES!!! (a.k.a. they laugh at me not with me!!!)

I am blessed to be friends with some young women that our boys love. Alex and Olivia make me smile because they make my sons smile.  They are women who love the Lord and are actively seeking to know him more on their journeys.

I am a worship leader for my Pastor and Husband at our small church in rural Pelzer, South Carolina. I know, interesting, right??? We have had our moments, but have come to a great place in ministry together where we are able to use our combined gifts to bring Worship and The Word to the Community of Faith that we serve at Oak Pointe Church.

I am a woman who is humbled by a church family who displays God's Grace in so many ways.  When I need grace, they give.  When they need grace, they serve and seek and receive what God so freely gives.  Grace, Grace, God's Grace... the kind that pardons and forgives offenses and extends kindness in love and truth.  I love my church family.  They Love God and Love People.

I am a woman who likes to paint things.  Furniture, walls, stuff. I am not that professional and I make mistakes that I have to go back and redo...but I like it!  I like to dream, create, plan and pursue loveliness in our home and yard... just don't look too closely because I usually get distracted and fail to finish projects... Did I tell you my husband is patient?

I am woman who enjoys being outside in the early morning when the birds are just beginning their morning song.  That is the time when my mind is fresh and the day is promising and the Lord is near. Oh, How He Loves!

I like long walks on the beach. I love the sea and the sand... the vastness of God's beauty on the horizon of possibilities and the awareness that He is far greater than my mind can comprehend...

Oh! the Depths and the Riches of His Grace! Beautifully displayed in the great unknown of the oceans depths and the broadness of the sky.  

I am complex and simple at the same time.  
I am many things and one thing all at the same time. 
I am A Woman of God.  

To find out more about #TheLoft visit my friend Leah over @ The Pointe Ministries.

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RESOLVE to press on

I am having a moment this morning as I reflect on what has happened this summer.  My friend Donna and I were inspired in the Fall of 2014 to bring Bible Study to our community at a Precept Ministries Conference with Kay Arthur.  We met at a Coffee Shop on our way home from that Conference and put to paper some ideas and dreams that were beginning to stir in our hearts for the women of the South Greenville area where we live and a community ministry was born... RESOLVE.  

We have prayed, planned, dreamed of ways that we could inspire and encourage and provide opportunities for Ladies to Know how to Study the Bible.  Our only resource being that the Holy Spirit has prompted us to share what He has done in us...calling us to a deeper relationship with God the Father through the Word of God.  

Leading up to this Summer, we prayed for the this study, Children of the Day, by Beth Moore, to be a timely one for us as well as any who would desire to attend in our area.  We prayed and planned and set out to be obedient to the call of God to reach the women of South Greenville- not just a select CHURCH or Group of Ladies... we want to reach as  many as we can for the Kingdom.  

So, 36 ladies from our area came.  Representing 7 different churches and a couple of denominations.  

SUMMER BIBLE STUDY is not usually successful because of vacations and a general "vacation" from church that many take due to many activities that aboud in our communities and families.  

The Ladies Came. And we had an average weekly attendance of 28.  WOW!!! Wow!!! Thank you Lord.

Donna and I- just this past weekend- attended the Precept Ministries Conference with Kay Arthur where she, again, has a tremendous burden for our country and the way it is heading and what God's Word has to say about nations who turn their backs on Him.  

Kay's heart for the Church in America is that we DO NOT know the word of God well enough to STAND FIRM in the days that are to come as God allows His judgement to fall on us in increasing measure because we have Failed to Keep our Faces toward Him.  Our great country was founded on IN GOD WE TRUST and our forefathers sought to establish a nation whose God is the Lord.  We have not kept to that foundation and have deviated from TRUTH as a nation. 

Understanding that God's Word STANDS... Donna and I have been seeking and praying to continue to Know the Word for our selves, throughout our personal Bible Study and worship times as individuals, but also with the women that we potentially serve in our communities.  How can we inspire and motivate and encourage you in the ways of the Lord and His Word.  How can we be RESOLVED TO KNOW the timeless Word of God so that He will find us FAITHFUL to Him?

Thankfully, we have been blessed by the most recent study of 1 & 2 Thessalonians with Beth Moore. For those of you who have participated and taken the time to seek the Lord this summer with us... THANK YOU!!! and many BLESSINGS be on you, in the Lord!

We must be diligent to live IN TODAY and to see that His Word runs ahead and spreads rapidly and is honored.  So please help us as we continue to seek and pray how HE would unfold this ministry that He has placed on our hearts to serve you.  

We have no budget.  We have not the expertise to organize and run a ministry.  We don't have... BUT HE has all that we need and we are trusting Him to meet us every step of the way.  

Friends at Precept Conference
Northside Baptist Church
Lexington SC