Something Funny

Hey there... I have been super busy lately walking by faith and feeling a little overwhelmed by my To Do List coupled with the fact that my mid-life clock is kicking in and I have had a really bad season of insomnia!!! Uggh!! 

However, I press on...with the help of Advil pm, I slept last night and dreamed some really crazy stuff... but that is another story!

Today I am linking up with #TheLoft and other bloggers who are sharing something funny.  

I want you to know that my boys (now adults) think I am incredibly funny. 

Well, I tell them that I am anyway.  They say that they "love" my Mom Jokes!  Translation- they laugh AT ME rather than WITH ME!! hahah!! at least they are laughing and we have a moment or two of smiles here and there together.

One of my GREATEST MOM JOKES happened several months ago.  

It all started when I went down to the "Man Cave" (a.k.a. the Basement) to do some mom-cleaning You know, the kind where things actually get moved and the tubs get really good and scrubbed?? That kind of clean.

The more I cleaned the madder I got. I was so upset with how messy and dirty they had allowed the space to become... so I quit.  I was furious and getting madder by the minute.  So I did what any good mother of grown up sons would do... 

I posted a sign on the basement door that went something like this:

You have until Wednesday @ 6:00 
to have the basement cleaned 
to MY STANDARD of clean.  
If this is not done, I will clean it for you, 
but you WILL BE CHARGED a cleaning fee of $50 each 
See me if you have questions!!"

My oldest son, Cameron, was the first to come in and see the note. He promptly took the note down and laughed and asked what was I thinking??? I told him I was very serious and he had better put the note back up and/or tell his brothers because I was serious!!

So then the other two came in right after, Matthew and Kyle, and asked why I was 'freaking out'?? 

"Because I am about to Go Postal on you!"

I kept thinking of that phrase... I had no idea what that really means.  So I said to them...

"I am seriously about to Go POSTAL about this!
I am not sure what that means
but if it means 
then I am going there!!"

As soon as the words came out of my mouth, I couldn't help but to laugh at myself and how funny they sounded... after all, I am the Queen of Mom Jokes!!

I was suddenly no longer mad, but was laughing at myself as they LAUGED histerically-AT ME!!

They often tease me when I seem frustrated or aggravated for any reason... "Mom, are you about to go postal??"  then they laugh and I can't help but smile at how much they make my heart smile.  I love them so!