Journal Entry from 1998

Journal Entry
May 18, 1998

I have so much to write about.  I wish I kept up with my writing more.  I know this isn’t my gift, but there are so many memories I don’t want to forget.  A picture is good, but to know the thoughts and feelings surrounding a moment in time is even more priceless. 

Boys, I hope you read from these pages one day and know that I could never fully express my thoughts and feelings to you.  In person or to anyone else.  But I can write from my heart and hope you’ll understand when I write about the moments of this life God has allowed me to share with you.  Please know how blessed I am to have such fine sons.  Sons that make me so proud to be a mother. So overwhelmed that God places enough trust in me to raise you into godly men of tomorrow. 

Sometimes my joy is so great I feel I might shout-or cry-or laugh.  Sometimes all of those…

 Cameron, Matthew, and Kyle- I love you with all the love I have.  You mean so much to me.  You are my world.