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TRIALS {30 Days of Thanks}

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Day 20:  TRIALS

READ:  James 1:2-12

Webster’s Dictionary describes a Trial as “a test of the quality, value, or usefulness of something”

In Job chapters 1 and 2, Job had no idea that a heavenly conversation had taken place over his life and that all he would endure was a Trial that would prove his life to be of great quality, value and usefulness.  He was blameless and a man of integrity even though he faced horrendous loss and sickness.  

James 1:2 says that we can “count it all joy when (not if) we face trials of many kinds”.  Trials and tests in life will come.  That is a given. However, God intends to prove you a man or woman of integrity and faithfulness to a world that is desperate to know that God is real. 

RESPOND:  What difficulty are you facing in life today? Is it a trial or just a set back?  However you view your current situation and circumstance, remember this:  God intends to prove you are valuable to Him. He is for you.  Trust Him even on your hard days.

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TESTS {30 Days of Thanks}

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Day 19:  Tests
Read James 1:12

My husband has a recurring theme when it comes to dreams.  He is always about to take a major test and feels unprepared.  In his dream, he is anxious and concerned that he will not be on time or that he will somehow have the wrong information. 

Many times we find ourselves anxious and stressed when life throws us a curve and we feel ill equipped and unprepared.  In our Faith Walk, this is called a Test of Faith.  

James chapter 1 tells us that the purpose of tests and trials in our lives are cause to rejoice because we are being prepared to receive wisdom and maturity in our walk with the Lord.    

I’m not sure if you leap and skip and dance for joy when life gets hard and you don’t know what to do… but the Word tells us that we can be joyful simply because God is doing a work in us that will be for His glory and for our good. 

RESPOND:  Read Romans 8:28.  Is there anything in your life that you can take a step back to consider what God is doing?  He is working on your behalf and for a higher purpose.  

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FAITH {30 Days of Thanks}

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Day 18 FAITH

READ:  Hebrews 11:6

Dr.Tony Evans has been quoted: “Faith is acting like something is so even when it is not so in order that it might be so simply because God said so.”

In Hebrews 11, the author gives a list of lives who simply believed God-even when it didn’t make sense to do so- and their great faith is celebrated.  

These lives were not unlike yours or mine.  They were ordinary people, living ordinary lives, accomplishing extraordinary things simply because they believed God and obeyed His word to them. 


What has God been speaking to you about in His Word?  Have you responded in obedience even if it doesn’t make sense to do so?  If it seems really hard to obey, then you can consider it a testing of your faith… Go ahead.  Be faithful!!

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OBEDIENCE {30 Days of Thanks}

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Day 17:  Obedience
READ:  John 14:15

The words “love, worship, obey” are found together in the account of Abraham and Isaac.  When God told Abraham to take his son, his only son whom he loved, to go and sacrifice him to the Lord, Abraham obeyed.  

God did not, in fact, require Abraham to sacrifice Isaac, however, Abraham was willing to obey the word of the Lord.  

His faith in God was evident in what he said to his servants before leading his son up the hill to be sacrificed “Stay here … while I and the boy go over there. We will worship and then we will come back to you.” (see Genesis 22)

Worship is an Obedient Response to Truth. 

RESPOND:  What has God said to you in His Word that you need to obey?  Obedience shows that we love God and worship Him.

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WORSHIP {30 Days of Thanks}

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Day 16:  Worship
READ: John 4: 23

Worship is an obedient response to Truth.  Truth is God’s Word- Jesus Christ made flesh (see John 1).  God is spirit and His worshipers much worship in Spirit and in Truth.

Worship is not a place or time or sound of music played in church or on your mp3 player.  It is not a time on the schedule of your week.  Worship is an obedient response to Truth.

When we obey God’s word, we demonstrate that we love Jesus. God is spirit.  Jesus is the Word.  This is true worship.

RESPOND:  How do you approach Worship?  Is it an overflow of your love for the Word of God in the form of obeying what God has to say? 

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