WORSHIP {30 Days of Thanks}

Canva Design/photo De Anna Morris
Day 16:  Worship
READ: John 4: 23

Worship is an obedient response to Truth.  Truth is God’s Word- Jesus Christ made flesh (see John 1).  God is spirit and His worshipers much worship in Spirit and in Truth.

Worship is not a place or time or sound of music played in church or on your mp3 player.  It is not a time on the schedule of your week.  Worship is an obedient response to Truth.

When we obey God’s word, we demonstrate that we love Jesus. God is spirit.  Jesus is the Word.  This is true worship.

RESPOND:  How do you approach Worship?  Is it an overflow of your love for the Word of God in the form of obeying what God has to say? 

The Word Worship Prayer
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