TESTS {30 Days of Thanks}

Canva Design/photo DeAnna Morris
Day 19:  Tests
Read James 1:12

My husband has a recurring theme when it comes to dreams.  He is always about to take a major test and feels unprepared.  In his dream, he is anxious and concerned that he will not be on time or that he will somehow have the wrong information. 

Many times we find ourselves anxious and stressed when life throws us a curve and we feel ill equipped and unprepared.  In our Faith Walk, this is called a Test of Faith.  

James chapter 1 tells us that the purpose of tests and trials in our lives are cause to rejoice because we are being prepared to receive wisdom and maturity in our walk with the Lord.    

I’m not sure if you leap and skip and dance for joy when life gets hard and you don’t know what to do… but the Word tells us that we can be joyful simply because God is doing a work in us that will be for His glory and for our good. 

RESPOND:  Read Romans 8:28.  Is there anything in your life that you can take a step back to consider what God is doing?  He is working on your behalf and for a higher purpose.  

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