Summer Reading List

Ok... I have a lot going on this summer.  A wedding, planning to sell the house, finding another house, moving. Then there is the ordinary things in life that we do, Mike and I, like leading a church family and being a good friend.  He preaches, I sing, we are all up in the life of our church and we love every minute of it.  

BUT, to keep my sanity, I have to read.  Reading is a GREAT ESCAPE for me.  Let's face it, summer TV and Cable programing is just BLEH... or re-runs but I can catch up on my favorite series on Netflix. My son Matthew set me up so, I'm good to go there.  ALSO, I like to travel and talk to interesting people, learn new things, but have no money to do so and then, there is you tube if I need a new skill or craft or hobby to learn.  Mike said "NO" to that... he thinks I have too many unfinished projects as it is and....he's right. I do.

That's why I read.  Reading allows my mind to go someplace else and not think about the routines, the deadlines, the tasks, the events and workload for a while. I usually finish a book feeling like I have a new best friend in the author except they have not met me and I have never really met them, so its kind of weird but seriously, they ARE my friends.

Mike can watch all the baseball he wants while I sit on the end of the couch and read with Abbi Rose at my side.  Life can be really good with a book.

Here is my list with links to purchase if you'd like.  

1.  Interrupted by Jen Hatmaker

2. Live Uncaged by Mary DeMuth

3.  Reset by Jenny Lee Sulpizio

4. Breathing Room by Leanna Tankersley
5.  The Gospel of Ruth by Carolyn Custis James

I'm sensing a THEME here, but we shall see.  Breathing Room and The Gospel of Ruth were given to me at an event, I believe, but I did purchase the others via Life Way or Amazon.  

What is on your summer reading list? 

Happy Reading!