Abiding In Peace

Mike and I are preparing to sell our house and move to something smaller.  I THINK we are on the same page of what we are looking for, but this will unfold as the process of downsizing, selling our house and moving to another house continues.  

For now, we are not moving to another area or state. We will simply be shifting our focus toward having just enough space for the grand children one day and for holiday gatherings.  We plan to spend time together and cultivate a new home together where friends and family can gather and know they are loved.

Life has been an adventure together! There have been many seasons of growing, learning, and caring for each other and our family.  One thing has remained constant and that is God's steadfast love.  He never changes and will not lead us where His Peace does not abide.  With that in mind, I am learning, day by day, to Trust Him a little more.