Jesus is our HOPE {In Memory of Rev. Larry A. Morris}

Why is it painfully, heart and gut wrenching to care for, observe the decline, helplessly watch our loved ones suffer?  Why do our painful emotions seem too much to bear in our own bodies?  How do we release the tension and turmoil when words are inadequate and often inappropriate even to our own ears? What to do with all these feelings?

Is all of this it in order to show us a tiny glimpse into the heart of the Father’s great love for us?

“Oh, how deep the Father’s love for us!! That we should be called his children, and that is what we are!” ~1 John 3:1

How the Father’s heart must grieve, hurt, and long for us when he sees us suffer in our humanity, the limitations that these bodies allow.

How do we navigate the intermingling of this:

Sorrow, pain and suffering
Joy, gladness, and rejoicing.

We said good-bye to our beloved spouse, father, grandfather and friend and pastor on August 29, 2015. My father-in-law slipped peacefully in to the arms of Jesus with but a breath and then he was gone. We had been grieving the loss of his life for sometime due to an unkind disease, Parkinson’s.

During his last few weeks, days, moments, with family and friends coming and going to tell him how much he was loved and appreciated for a life lived faithfully until the end… loving well, living the love he professed.  He will be sorely missed.  Yet, we rejoice at the same time. 

It’s an interesting mix of thoughts, feelings and emotions all at one time. Grief is a process. Questions without nice neat answers surface and we are left with only HOPE.  

Moving forward will be different, but blessed because of the example of faith and endurance both he and my mother-in-law have exemplified during almost 60 years of marriage and ministry together. 

We have a frenzy of emotions we would NEVER ever allow succumb to selfishness, desiring our loved one to be here, now with us only to suffer the same and-forbid it-more pain and hardship…

How do we long for their returned state to us yet be so glad they have moved from death to life without us?

How do we move forward with a gaping hole in our hearts, lives, the family table, the Christmas tree, the familiar side of the bed?

How do we reconcile the deep chasm of emptiness with the fullness of joy he must now be overwhelmed and overflowing with?  He has longed for heaven and home and has now seen Jesus!!

Our loved one has now realized the faithful love of the Father in the beauty and majesty that the God of the Universe revealed to us through His Son, Jesus, the evidence of our faith now made sight to the one we love.

How, indeed, do we comprehend how our pain and grief can be the same intensity as our rejoicing?

It is a mystery, this great divide between heaven and earth which is, in reality, only a breath away. A single breath between the veil of this existence and the reality of eternity.  One Breath.  Just One.

For our loved one: husband, father, pastor, teacher, grandfather and friend.  A man who served the Lord faithfully, we know.  We KNOW! We believe.  

He is with the One he served without wavering, extending the same love of the Father outward and beyond the boundaries of his own understanding and sense of capability to us and to you. 

He has passed on to his real life and has 
passed on to us 
a desire to do the same. 

To bring as many with us to the gates of glory as we can and to lift high the Name that is above every Name.

In the mean time how do we reconcile this 
roller coaster of conflicting emotions?

We simply have HOPE.  And HOPE is Peace that comes from One name under heaven, Jesus Christ our Lord and Savior. 

It is with our every breath. NOW.  In this life.  
We will praise and honor and glory in this: Jesus is our HOPE. 

In loving memory of Rev. Larry A. Morris.

Rev. Larry A. Morris
Husband, Father, Granddaddy, Pastor, Friend
He loved God and Loved People