Believing God_Introduction

"Sometimes our problem with God is that we don't like the rules."
~Beth Moore, Believing God, p. 17

OUCH...That sentence has pierced my soul, my mind.  It's true.  I am having to consider that I have an issue with rules and boundaries...I know they are for my own good, but what if there is something better????  something more fun??? an alternate way of going about things??? easier, less sacrificial, less painful to my pride?

However, if I am going to fully live in the life and liberty that God my Savior has called me to, I must operate inside His boundaries.

I have believed in God for many years, but find that even in my pursuit of Him, I fail to simply BELIEVE HIM. 

When my boys were very small, they loved to laugh, run, and play.  We allowed them to have all the fun they wanted to inside the space of our front yard (or sometimes the back) instead of in the middle of the street.  You do not play in the street, it is dangerous. 

Our great God has provided boundaries for us to live in that are for our good...and outside those boundaries, there is danger...God's deisgn is to Protect and Provide for us...not unlike we do with our own children or the children entrusted to our care. 

"You believe that there is one God. Good! Even the demons believe that--and shudder." James 2:19

Do I shudder, tremble and respect God?  I fear I do not on a daily routine basis...and this makes me sad.NOT because God wants me to cower in terrorized, anxious fear of HIM...but rather to approach Him with an attitude of AWE and Worship and Respect. 

he is Holy and I am not

Believing God is founded on Isaiah 43:10 "Your are my witnesses," declares the Lord, "and my servant whom I have chose, so that you may know and believe me and understand that I am He."

Will we simply take God at His word and BELIEVE Him? 

Belief is one thing...Believing is another.  In this study we will discuss Believing God as it is intended in the Isaiah 43 passage..."Believe" as a present-active-participle...not a singular action, but rather an ongoing continual BELIEVING.

And, just as Joshua and the ancient Isrealite people moved to enter in to the Promised Land that God had promised to Abraham and his decendents, we will discuss and learn how we, too, as New Testament believers, are called to enter into our own Spiritual Promised Land of Freedom in Christ and Abundant Effective and Fruitful lives as Christ Followers.

This is going to be a journey!  I want you?

Join me in reciting our Shielf of Faith: 
1) God is Who He Says He Is
2) God Can DO What God Says He Can Do
3)  I Am Who God Says I Am
4)  I Can Do What God Says I Can Do
5)  God' WORD is Alive and Active IN ME