Created to BE

Today, I should be doing yard work, house work... there is much to be done.  I am overwhelmed at the thought of how far behind I have gotten over the last several years.


To the point of distraction.  I can't seem to accomplish anything. This reminds me, just now, of Jesus' words to Martha.  "you are worried and distracted by many things."

I want to choose the "better" that he said of Mary, the sister of Martha and Lazarus.

So... I am.

I am sitting under the oak tree here in our yard.  I am not thinking of all the work I still need to do to make this the space I dream it to be.  I am simply enjoying the moment.

Emma is in the grass on her blanket, enjoying the sun and fresh air.
Birds singing all around. Children voices at recess nearby at school.
A lady bug on the arm of the chair where I am sitting.  An inch-worm just crawled by.
A red bird landed on a nearby branch and the leaves of the tree are clapping their hands.

And these words come to me from a heart that is thankful to just BE.

All Creatures of our God and King,
Arise to sing and joyfully sway
to the rhythm of praise and excellent joy.

Life lived well is a life lived as it was created to BE.

So do I, my God and King.
Arise to sing and joyfully BE
the LIFE you've created for me.

I will stand in awe of your excellent ways
Trusting you for all of my days.

The Word. Worship. Prayer.
These are my Roots.