Children of the Day_Summer Bible Study

Beginning June 9, I will be co-hosting the newest Bible Study by Beth Moore and Life Way.

I live in the South Greenville County area of South Carolina and if you live near, then you are
invited to join us!!!

Here are the details!!!

One thing that draws me to this study is the front cover of the workbook.  As seen in the picture above, a girl walking on the beach at sunrise/sunset...FAVORITE thing in the world to do!  

If you do not live near and would like to join us, I will be posting weekly here on this blog as well as snippets of encouragement on my Facebook page @deanna.morris1.  Blog posts will be open for comment and I hope you will feel free to join in the conversation.

When using Facebook and Twitter use #ChildrenoftheDay in order to see what others- literally around the world- are saying about this study.  HOW FANTASTIC IS THAT!

What is Children of the Day about?  It is the study of 1 & 2 Thessalonians.

I have never studied these books in-depth and I am looking forward to it!  I am already asking God to prepare my heart for the Truth he desires to reveal to me and that I will have a heart that is willing to receive His Word in obedience.

Will you join me? Let's walk in FAITH together.