Summer Bible Study: Children of the Day

Hey Y'all!!! I am super excited to participate in Summer Bible Study in my community here in the South Greenville County of South Carolina.

I know some do not live near here, and maybe you do but cannot attend the weekly meeting with us on Mondays beginning June 9 @ 6:30 @ The Core of South Greenville, so I wanted to provide you with some information on how you can STILL be part of the journey...

Children of the Day is a nine week study of the books of 1 & 2 Thessalonians.  There is a workbook that provides 5 daily homework assignments per week and a weekly video teaching by Beth Moore.

You will LOVE Beth Moore.  You will be drawn to her down to earth, every day living stories as she inspires you toward a deep love for God through His Word.

But be prepared to study the Word and not be spoon fed.  There is too much of that going on.  We need to be about our Father's business, but if we don't know the Word, how can we???
As Beth says, "His Word Works!"

Please go to Life Way's website to order your workbook (or you can stop by your local Christian Retailer).  The workbook is also available in an electronic format that you can purchase and download from Life Way.

You will want to purchase the individual video sessions to watch and to follow along in your work book each week. The individual sessions are only about $5 each. Budget friendly if needed.

Just lay off that extra mocha late' from your local coffee store each week and you will be fine!

ANOTHER way you can participate in the Summer Bible Study of Children of the Day is to follow Beth herself via her blog over at Living Proof Ministries Blog.  You will be blessed, inspired and discover a whole community of women online across the globe, literally!! who are seeking to know the Lord through His Word.  You will be amazed at the love, community and CHURCH of it!

To get you pumped and ready... here is a little clip found on Life Way's website that you will enjoy as you pray about your participation in Summer Bible Study.

See you @ The Core of South Greenville, or on the Web, or RIGHT HERE at
Life Under the Oak Tree!  Blessings, sweet friends!

The Word. Worship. Prayer.  
These are my Roots.