HeBrews a Better Blend

I am excited to preview a new Bible Study by Leah C Adams over at The Point Ministries.  I met my friend Leah on the wonderful wide world web through Bible Study pages, twitter feeds, or something like that!  It is a wonderful thing how the internet has the power of LIFE and Death all interwoven into technology.  I Choose LIFE!

Coming in July, this new study by Leah will be available.  You will be hearing more about it from me on social media outlets and I am planning to host a small group here online and in my community over some great coffee!!!


How interesting that I am also currently working with my church to create a Coffee and Conversation environment in the storefront where we currently meet for weekend services.  Coffee at the Core will be open sometime this summer and the vision of the coffee shop is to be a space where Coffee & Conversation comes along side Community to create a space for building relationships that lead others to Christ.  A place for small group meetings such as Bible Study, concerts, games and in general a place for friends and friendships to connect and grow.

How good is that??? 

So why not host a Bible Study that uses Coffee as the theme as we serve up our first cups of great Land of 1000 Hills Coffee?  Indeed.

So I hope you will stay tuned.

Coming soon, you will find an interview with Leah discussing the study as well as a Give Away... that's right! GIVE AWAY!!! 

Until then... if you would like to PRE_Order your copy of the workbook, then check out Amazon.com for details.

Keep checking back.  Keep pressing on in the faith.  And let's do life together!

The Word. Worship. Prayer.
These are my Roots.