Community of Faith

I serve in a community of faith where grace overflows in the middle of Doing Life Together.   My husband and I serve the family of God at Oak Pointe Church here in our community and I have never known "church" to be a place of MUCH GRACE like I have in this family of Christ Followers.

There is not a High Expectation to be perfect and to have our life all together...we ALL realize that we are IMPERFECT PEOPLE but that we serve a PERFECT GOD who desires to perfect us as we do life in community and in faith.

That is one of the reasons why I LOVE LOVE LOVE my grow group.  We are each in different, yet similar places in life, learning, leaning and growing with each other as we seek to be more like Christ in our everyday ordinary busy lives.

It was about two years ago that I was asked to lead the study time for this group each Friday night.  A group of twenty-somethings who are somewhere in the middle of singleness, newly married life, married with small children, getting married soon and...of course me... married twenty-five years this September with grown children.  

They are younger than me.  I feel like an older sister or aunt to this group, yet I feel that they are some of my best friends and that we are all right there in the middle of life's challenges together...doing the thing.

The walk of Faith.

I love this group.  I love their laughter, their children, 
the way they love each other, 
the way they love me and my family. 

When I was asked to lead this group, I was excited and nervous at the same time and quite hesitant.  I was excited because I enjoy the discipleship process and seeing others grow in their walk of faith.  Nervous because I am older and wondered if they would accept me, would I fit in? Hesitant because their former leader had a different view of women in leadership where men are concerned.  AND there would be men in our group sitting under me as the "leader" spiritually.  How would this be received?

God is so good. Faithful. Loving. Kind.

This group of friends welcomed me, loved on me, embraced me as a friend and mentor, and allow me to learn from them as well.  I could cry thinking about how much my heart has needed this group of friends.

They each bring something to my life that is healing and helpful and inspiring.  

I am blessed to see them parent their children as they seek to follow the Lord and His Word.  I am impressed with the way they are striving to love and serve each other in grace and love.

I am motivated to Know Christ More as we seek the answers to life's REAL ISSUES.  

So last night, as we move in to summer, we celebrated together over hamburgers, homemade ice cream and yard games.

Perfect Day. Good Friends.  GREAT God.  A Community of Faith.  

 The Word. Worship. Prayer.
These are my Roots.