Crown of Glory

I cannot believe what happened on July 4th 2014 at Lake Keowee where my brother and sister in law have a lake house.  

There, sitting on the dock with Mike and his sister, Dawn, he asked me about my Crown of Glory.

He asked if I wanted to be "like him" with all my sparkles showing.  Indeed I do not!  

I want to hide, cover up, conceal
I do not want you to know what is plainly there
I rebel at the thought of age before beauty.
I resist the growing evidence of sparkles 
Sprinkled over and around my crown.

A crown of beauty or 
A crown of wisdom? 

I want beauty not age
I want the wisdom with out the evidence 
I am vain
I am prideful
I am a woman who knows not the 
original color of her hair!

I am an appointment away from revealing 
the true nature of my Crown of Glory.