Seriously. It is OK for you to stop your never ceasing, never ending repetitive routine of daily living to just take a break and BREATHE.

I just finished up a Bible Study from Pricilla Shirer's new study... BREATHE and I am very excited because she teaches us what God's intention for Sabbath is all about in a clearly articulated and relevant way.

No more wondering if you should or shouldn't go out to eat on Sunday or if its right to do your grocery shopping on Sunday afternoon while your kids are napping and your husband is watching the game. 

Our God designed the need for Sabbath as a reminder of who we were created to be and how we are to live at peace with our Creator and peace within ourselves.  

Some things I learned:

It is OK to say NO.
It is healthy for me to have boundaries and limitations in how I approach God's benefits and blessings in my life.
I am incomplete with out Sabbath.
Sabbath is about Surrender (that one hurt a little, but in a necessary way, if you know what I mean)

Pricilla shares honestly and gracefully the intended message of Sabbath and how you and I can put this command in to practice in 2015 and beyond.  This message is relevant to us in our social media/entertainment/indulgent world we live in today.

Pricilla teaches from Genesis, Deuteronomy and Exodus along with other scriptures to teach these  principles.


Sabbath Principles:
I.    Resist the urge to    
II.   Remember what you 
      used to be.
III.  Recall what God has 
      accomplished on your 

You can find recorded teaching from Pricilla over at Life Way and order the workbook for yourself or  your small group. 

In usual fashion, the Lord used this study to teach me how I have allowed certain areas of my life to get out of control and then gave me practical and easy steps to get my life back in order and to find margin.  These goals and steps are creating peace and balance to my mind, heart and health.  

I have heard Pricilla live and I have done several of her studies and Y'all... she is real... just like us.  The whole Mommy/Wife/Career/Sister/Friend... her plate is full too.  You can trust her to be real and honest and full of grace. I feel like she is one of my very best friends and you will too!