A Few of My Favorite Things...

I wanted to share with you a few of my FAVORITE THINGS... just a silly post to make you smile.. hopefully.  

It is a dreary day here in the upstate of South Carolina, but there are hints of Spring all around... flowers trying to pop up out of the cold ground.  

My BFF, Donna Cothran got me interested in Aloette Skin Care a year ago, I signed up and can now be a Beauty Consultant... so let me consult with you on a few beauty insider secrets that I LOVE!  

These are some skin care items that make me feel great! 

 My morning and evening ritual makes me feel pretty and fresh faced.  I now don't mind so much to be seen without makeup, and THAT is huge for me.  I have never felt confident about my skin's texture and coloring.  But now I feel radiant and confident.  (that sounds like a skin care commercial, doesn't it? well, there ya go!)

I am not trying to make a living on selling Aloette Skin Care, but if you are interested in a part time or full time income with a great company, then just let me know... I will HOOK YOU UP!! 

Seriously, I DO really enjoy these products and highly recommend them to all of my friends.  

I was recently asked via Facebook how I never aged. Well, because I refuse to... (in my mind) and also because I take care of my skin and use these great products.  

Aloe is a pure all natural healing plant and Aloette uses the best grade of aloe possible in their products.  
Check them out!

Some other things I found this week while clicking around the internet you might like too.  

I found this sweet shirt on Big Mama Blog and it can be found on the Milk and Honey Tees Etsy store.  

I am not a T Shirt kinda girl (usually).  My close friends who know me well know that I am picky about what is plastered in print/design over an area of my body that already has too much going for it and it makes me a little self conscious when I feel eyes reading my chest... 

BUT I really do like this T Shirt and I may just purchase one soon.  It reminds me of one of my new favorite songs by Bethel Worship  YOU MAKE ME BRAVE.  

And... I love Katniss too. 

This past Sunday I wore a necklace from Noonday Collection that I purchased at a sale from my good friend Susan who is a Noonday Consultant.  Jewelry from Noonday is made with love by women who have been provided a job that will keep them from being trafficked and will help their families out of poverty because of jobs and education.  How good is that??

Well, that is it for today.  I hope you have a lovely day. Spring is in the air...

New life springing up. Birds chirping out the window... a fresh wind blowing in... 

God's Mercies are NEW today and that makes today a very good day indeed!

Be Blessed!