Book Launch: A Longing for Paris

I am super excited to announce that I have been selected to preview a book by an author you are going to LOVE LOVE LOVE!!

I first met Sara Mae at Allume, a women's writer/blogger conference last fall.  
I'm sure she remembers me!!! hahah!!! 

What I will say of meeting Sara Mae is that she was so grace-filled and welcoming as my friend Karina Allen introduced me to Sara Mae in the middle of a sea of women young and old.  Both of these women exude a "best friend waiting to happen" air that gives you an immediate connectedness and desire in your soul to know them well.

Sara Mae writes over on her blog as well as shares her life and adventures in parenting through books, social media and speaking across the country.  Here is a link to her site.  I am sure you will want to stop over and say hello!

On August 5, Sara Mae's new book will release and I must say the title alone has intrigued me.  

I have a preview copy and will be posting a review in the next week.  I hope you will stop back by, read my review and then buy Sara's book.  You, too, will be a fast friend with Sara and her love for life.