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I am...IN. OVER. MY. HEAD. Most days I feel completely scattered and lack focus to really accomplish all the many swirling thoughts, plans, and ideas that my creative mind longs to put into practice.  

A friend is here this week installing some tile in our bathrooms.  There is a pallet in my garage and he asked me when I was going to start on my "pallet project" while I was painting a monogram door deco for an upcoming wedding gift.  I laughed!!! He doesn't know that I have a whole storage area in the basement with furniture and pallets and doors ready to be worked on and up cycled into something wonderful!!

Via Sawdust & Splinters

Over the last couple of weeks, my Hunky Hubby, Mike, installed some new flooring in our basement.  The space has been the "Man Cave" for our three sons for the last eight years of so.  Yep... sometimes I just didn't even go there.  

The overhaul has been long overdue!!! But you know how one project leads to ten?? Yes, that.  And I am not finished painting the trim and touching up the paint... but I moved on to something else.  I painted a porch swing that my friend gave me (I love my friend!!) I have made plans for several other projects and have a LIST that you won't believe of a lot of little things to "work on".

But then I just want to really sit out on the deck or porch with Abbi Rose and listen to the birds sing all day and enjoy the peace and beauty of how God has made all things by His will... even me.

Coffee @ The Core

I didn't used to be so disorganized.  At least I don't think I was. AND that was when I had small children.  Now that they are grown, maybe I am just trying to adjust to a NEW NORMAL and don't know where to land my mind.  Do you ever feel like your mind is a hundred GOOGLE Tabs open at one time and each of them something you are either needing to accomplish or just surf?? Yep.  That's me. 

I need more coffee!!!  

For the last six to nine months, I have been trying my best to create margin and Sabbath in order to accomplish more in my days than I have been doing.  Truthfully, my mid-life is playing havoc with my sleep and therefore my daily functions.  Thankfully, my doctor has provided some help for me that should get me through until I absolutely need some hormone therapy... Lord Help My Husband!!! 

I enjoy many things. I have several hobbies. I lead worship at our church. I manage our small community coffee shop. I love to read and study the Bible. I love and enjoy people... (mostly, most of the time... sometimes not, but you know...)

Here is the deal.  I can do many things.  I just need to organize myself and get some things done! So that I can move on to whatever is next in life.

Dressember 2014

*Mission Trip to Uganda
*Coffee Trip to Rwanda
*Teaching Trip w Precept Ministries to the Holy Land
Visit friends across USA
(shhh...Hunky Hubby hasn't heard this creative idea yet!)

Did I tell you that our nest will be empty this summer? 
We will put the house on the market sometime soon in order to downsize.
(can I say... overwhelmed by this "next project"??? do you know how much STUFF you accumulate over time??? uggghh!!! sigh...)

In Grace and In His Time, seasons will come and go, but this I know... I am His and He is mine and that will never change.

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