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September 16, 2014, Mike and I celebrated our twenty-fifth wedding anniversary.  Wow!  Time has passed like sand in a whirl of wind, yet stood still at times.  I still can't believe that after all this time, he still puts up with me!! Mike Morris is a man of great grace and patience.  

To celebrate our accomplishment of staying together and doing life even when it got really hard, we planned a trip to Costa Rica.  We went in May of 2014 and stayed in Playa Flamingo at a privately owned villa that a friend had recommended to me.  The owners names are Babe and Don Hopkins and you definitely want to stay in their property if you plan to go... Tell them I said hello!!

Casa de Serenidad

The country is beautiful and lush!  When we were there, it was the end of the "Dry Season" and all of the foliage was not yet in bloom, but it was still the most gorgeous landscape I have ever seen. No.  I haven't traveled all that much, but still... The place is breathtaking!!

Our hosts were able to arrange our adventures and outings and provided an environment of hospitality that was not intrusive either.  I felt like we were staying with friends and as it turned out... we were!!!  

One of the things I loved about Costa Rica was the sky.  Morning and Evening the colors painted on the horizon over the sea were glorious and inspiring.  Of course, the sun rose at like 5 am and set at 6, but it was so worth getting up to see each day.  Our view from the balcony provided the perfect spot to take in the wonder and beauty of God's Faithfulness each day.  OH, and we also had this GREAT!!!! wade pool under a cabana to relax in hammocks too!  Tropical Breezes, good book, cool drink... perfect!

Here are some of our pictures from this vacation.  Please.  If you decide to go to Costa Rica, consider checking with our friends to book your stay!  You will not be disappointed!

Hidden Waterfall
Sunset Catamaran Tour/Snorkeling

After our Sunset Tour/Snorkeling adventure... so tired, and thankful!

Not a great pic... White faced Monkey... so cute!

We went on a Volcano Rain Forest Tour, Rode Horses, splashed down the side of the mountain on a natural water slide, bathed in the Hot Springs, saw white faced monkeys that threw things at Mike, and - my favorite adventure- 

Pic taken after our longest zip... I wanted to worship!  The beauty and majesty of God's creation was breathtaking!
This look is fear, wonder, awe... learning to trust.

My man!

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