[Colossians] The Gospel of Grace part 5

Today I will conclude my survey of The Gospel of Grace in the book of Colossians.

I have procrastinated on Chapter 3 because, well, 

it gets in my business!   

It makes me look at myself instead of others. 

It causes me to make some choices about what is on the inside of me instead of picking out what is wrong in the lives of others.  

Chapter 3 directs the reader to be intentional about how we are to live if we profess to be followers of Christ.  
If we say we follow Him, then there are some distinct changes that we will make. Some changes once and for all, some on a continuing everyday basis.  

Just like we get up and get dressed and ready for the day, deciding on what to wear, what to eat, the schedule for the day...  we must make choices on how we are to live if we are to present the One who is Worthy and Worth it.

We all stumble in many ways, true.  But a consistent daily choice to live in peace, thanksgiving, with a humble and gentle attitude will give way to habits that overcome our earthly characteristics and tendencies to sin and to sin well, to over indulge in whatever is under the sun.  

I want to be different today than I was yesterday.  Certainly different than I was 10 years ago. I want to serve Christ well and to be counted faithful instead of faithless. Y'all.  It's gonna take some work, but like the writer of Colossians says, "Let the peace of God rule..." and let's all ask ourselves this question : "IS CHRIST our LIFE?" (v 4)