Welcome to Life Under the Oak Tree

The Word Worship Prayer
These are my Roots
Life Under the Oak Tree was born sometime in 2010 or so after falling in love with a rather large oak tree in our side yard.  It’s branches reach high, it’s leaves shade and provide shelter for birds, squirrels and who knows what other critters! 

Our tree seemed to have a “room” under it’s branches and so we created a sitting area there with some antique furniture and a fire pit.  It’s a peaceful, tranquil place. 

While studying this tree one bitter winter after an ice storm left my favorite tree’s branches all broken, jagged and many fallen… I feared it would not spring alive the next season…that it would not survive the cold wintery season.

Our Broken Oak looked like me… 
how I felt I felt on the inside. 

Broken.  Rough.  Ugly.  Barren.  Cold.   Lonely.

Would the Spring Rains come to water the earth and replenish my tree?  Would it be beautiful again??? 
Would I ever feel life pulsing through my soul?? 
Could God ever use me?
Could I trust God?

I came to the realization that while I can see the life of my tree from the ground up and appreciate the beauty and majesty that this oak of age reveals during the summer season, the real life of a tree is found in it’s roots.  
And I was forced to ask myself the question:

What are my Roots?

And the breath of God blew over my soul and 
whispered gently...

The Word.  Worship. Prayer.
 These are your Roots. 

This is why I write.  
This is why I share what I share.  
This is why I do what I do. 

I believe that what God teaches me in the secret place is not only for me to learn and to learn well, but also to branch out and to bare fruit and to multiply what he gives. He does not give us gifts to hide and store away for ourselves, we are to attend the Bride with our lives poured out for others.

It has been in the last year that I have become more serious about blogging and writing.  It is the right season, it seems, since within the last year all three of our boys have "left the nest" and I really need something else to do...

(besides the 100 other things!!!)  

I am beginning to glean from those who are more learned, more experienced in the tech stuff... from beautiful friends I have not yet met face to face, but have reached out to encourage and gently nudge me along on this part of my journey.  

While I do not consider myself to be a "real writer", I do know I am a Daughter of the King and a Woman Chosen by God to do battle in the heaven places.  I am learning.  I am growing in grace, and I want nothing more than to encourage, inspire and cheer for other women who are on the journey of Faith as well.   
Welcome to Life Under the Oak Tree!!

Today I am joining some friends over at THE LOFT... 

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