The Armor of God [Introduction]

Well, there is a lot going on about a little movie called 
WAR ROOM by the Kendrick Brothers This film has (unexpectedly) gained momentum and box office sales/attendance that the culture is having to stop and take notice. 

War Room features one of my favorite Bible Study teachers, Priscilla Shirer...

And I am so excited for her!! I have been under her teaching via live audience and she is electric, real, and on an honest pursuit of God to live in the center of her everyday ordinary life.

This fall the ladies in my community and around the country-world even- are meeting together to study the companion Bible Study by Priscilla The Armor of God.

I have read from other authors, memorized the Armor of God, worked through other Bible studies on The Armor of God, but this one is THE BEST ONE YET!!!

Priscilla is a wife, mother and woman who is just trying to figure out how to keep ahead of the laundry while keeping food in the pantry other very active family-much like many of the rest of us! She has a large extended family, community and church activities... her life is busy and full!!!

What Priscilla does, though, is views her life trough the lens of God's Word and applies His Truth to her Reality.  Priscilla draws life application of the Word of God from this process of just doing life and watching how God works in her everyday.

Many of us have our lives...busy that they are!!..
and then we have our Devoted Life.  

You know, church, small group, a verse a day to keep the Devil away... but then we go through life and never fully connect how the Word of God can also be our Reality.

We must allow the God of our Theology to be the God of our Reality.  The time is now and we must STAND firmly in the Word of God. 

Feel free to join in the study!! I will be posting here, there are many many resources online.  There are also small groups meeting literally everywhere!!! If you live in my area, you are more than welcome to join us as we meet weekly. 


Our small group meets at 
The Core of South Greenville 
8649 August Road Pelzer SC 29669 
beginning September 15 @ 6:30