The Armor of God [week2]

The Armor of God Bible Study
Week 2

Théoden:  "I will not risk open war."
Aragorn:   "Open war is upon you, whether you would risk it or not!"

 From J.R.R. Tolkien, Lord of the Rings

I wonder if Priscilla Shirer enjoyed study time on the Belt of Truth for the Spiritual Armor?  I wonder this because I participated in her study Breathe with a group of ladies last spring.  During one of the teaching videos, she used her own belt organizer as an illustration of having too much stuff and how simplifying our stuff brings rest.

The Belt of Truth can do the same for us.  There are many ideas and opinions on who God is, how, who, when does He love/judge/hate people.  Do Christians sin? Does God as a loving parent discipline us?  Can heaven be earned? Is there more than one way to God’s favor? 

All of the arguments and discussions, while seemingly intellectual and convincing many times, are just that :  arguments and discussions.  

Truth is found in God alone and His Word reminds us that Jesus is the Word made Flesh so, I submit that if we do not love God’s Word, then we do not love God, since God loves His Word. 

As those who profess the name of Christ as savior, then we must know the word of God and how to put it into practice in our lives, or we will be left weak, powerless, and defenseless in a world gone crazy with intellectualism.

Priscilla gets all up in my business about having the Truth at work in my life when she uses the illustration of going to the gym to strengthen her core.  Ones’ core (abdominal muscles) are imperative for our over all health.  Who knew?  I just thought yoga and Pilates were a fitness craze much like high impact aerobics were in the 80s.  While I sweated to the oldies in my colorful leotard and tights, I quickly lost interest once I got the “shape” I wanted.  And besides, when I sweated, my hair just got bigger and bigger with all of the curls I naturally premed because that was what one also did in the 80’s. 

Per her doctor, Priscilla describes how if we do not strengthen our core and keep it strong, we will eventually stoop and sag.  Our core helps us with balance so if are not strong in our core muscles, then we will be more prone to injury.  The core is the centralized muscle group that connects our upper body to our lower body and from the extension of these muscles to other muscle groups, our arms and legs keep us moving, balanced and useful. 

Hmmm... I see where she is going here, and I want to think about this further, after I get back from the YMCA. 

Just like my physical self needs health and wellness, my spiritual self also needs health and wellness from the inside out, thus the Belt of Truth. 

How do we grow stronger in our core with the Belt of Truth? How do we get this in place and not grow 
weak and weary in our faith walk? 

     The Word. Worship.  Prayer.
These are our ROOTS.

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