Baseball and Plaid {Favorite Things Friday}

On my Pintrest feed, I keep seeing this cute outfit Pinned and Re-Pinned. I like it a lot too!! So I thought I would share it here too! 

Found on Pintrest

If you follow the link to this outfit you will meet a gifted blogger named Lindsey over at and she seems pretty amazing, although I have not yet met her!  One day!  

I have been "shopping my closet" lately since I should have stuck to a budget a while back, but unfortunately let myself get slightly out of control... (another story for another day).

I have enjoyed putting together outfits that are at least a little current from items I already own.  

So I will be putting together an outfit from pieces I already have to reflect the look of the baseball-t and plaid...except I don't have anything plaid...wait! 

I think one of the boys left a plaid scarf they didn't like here at the house... oh, yes... it pays to clean out closets and drawers!! Thanks Boys!