JOY [30 Days of Thanks}

Canta Design/photo DeAnna Morris
READ:  James 1:3-4

When was the last time you faced a difficult situation?  
Did you face it with Joy? 

Even when you realized a loved one was behind the ordeal and your integrity and character challenged? How did you respond?

We know this intellectually that we wrestle not against flesh an blood, but against unseen schemes of the enemy in the heavenly places, but our hearts get in the way.  We find ourselves scrambling to overcome by our own strength and resources during this type of trial. 

A Word Study of the Text:
Consider  Hegeomai
to lead, to go before, to be a leader, to rule, command, to have authority over, chief spokesman
to think, deem, consider, account

joy: chara
joy, gladness, the joy received from you, the cause or occasion for joy

Let’s break it down.  

You and I can take the leadership role and become the chief spokesperson in our trials and difficult circumstances.  We can speak words of hope, joy, confidence and truth.  In doing so, we take command of the situation and, even though the circumstance does not change in a moment, our attitude about it will remain on the Lord who is always and forever in complete control of all things. 

What challenging situation or moment are you facing in your life today? This season?  Are you worried, fearful, anxious?  Have you been trying to solve the problem on your own?  Will you stop for a few moments and take charge over your thoughts and be glad?  Let others receive joy from you.  
God has given you a reason to celebrate… He is in control.  

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