LIGHT {30 Days of Thanks}

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Day 2 LIGHT 

Read Psalm 27

REFLECT:  Are there any areas in your life that are causing you to be anxious or afraid?  
Job changes, relationships, a diagnosis, and illness…

The Lord will hear you and be merciful to you when you pray.
(verse 7) He is calling you, even now to “Come and talk to me.” Let your answer be, “Lord, I am coming.”

RESPOND:  Enter into His presence with thanksgiving and be confident that you will see His goodness even while you live her, in the now, of your season.  Take time today to simply BE STILL and wait in prayer.  Find a quiet space and place.  Take a deep breath.  Be brave and courageous.  Wait patiently for the Lord.

The Word Worship Prayer
These are My Roots