For The Love {Book Review}

Jen Hatmaker/

From the inside out is the view point Jen Hatmaker writes in her latest book For the Love.

Cheeky, snarky, funny and down to earth honest... about herself as well as the Word of God. Jen is a must read author  I suggest you add to your favorite authors list.

In her book, For the Love, Jen takes on life, love and living in a manner that is sometimes raw and personal, telling on herself as one who has lived and loved life from one of the best wife and mothers as well as one of the women who sometimes just doesn't get it right.  She is open, honest and writes like you are her best friend who is coming over for coffee real soon and you can't wait to talk all kinds of girl talk.  

Jen also gets in the readers business with deeply challenging theological insights into how to treat the least and the lost.  The marginalized. You will enjoy her chapter "On Calling and Haitian Moms".  Maybe you won't enjoy that chapter since it might get in your business. Especially if you think that being a Christian means you are supposed to be blessed with riches, health, wealth and prosperity here on earth.  

"If a sermon promises health and wealth to the faithful, it its' true, because that theology makes God an absolute monster who only bless rich westerners and despises Christians in Africa, India... everywhere else a sincere deliver remains poor.  If it isn't true for a poor single Christina mom in Haiti, it isn't true."

Jen not only challenges the reader to consider how our faith is to be cultivated and lived out at home, in the church and beyond, she also gives practical ways of living loved right where you are and loving those around you in a way that is genuine and honest and also fun.  

Recipes, family stories, thank you notes (so much fun to read!!) and everyday gospel that goes beyond the church walls.  These are the things you will read about in Jen Hatmaker's book For the Love.

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