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A few years ago, my friend, Donna, introduced me to the concept of ONE WORD as a focus for an entire year! 

I was not in a good place at the time. I wanted my One Word to be

"Lord, I am sick of this season and I need you to change something before I loose my mind and do something weird!" 

Not really ONE WORD, I know, but life can be challenging at times.  I was over my challenge limit, or so I thought... until the Lord began to slowly and surely lead me through a valley of the shadow until I could lift my head on the other side of despair. 
Maybe you've been there too? 
The first ONE WORD that the Lord led me to during the season of darkness was COMPLETE. 
 Let perseverance finish its work so that
you may be
mature and complete,
not lacking anything.
James 1:4
I wanted a quick fix, however, I realized perseverance was the key and faith was at stake... I pressed on and into the Word of God and cannot tell you how amazing and tender He was to me during that time.  At the end of the year, Mike and I attended a Christmas service and the Lord whispered to my heart.
So you also are complete
through your union with Christ,
who is the head over every ruler and authority 
Colossians 2:10

Don't you love How gentle the Lord is? Even though He was reminding me that He was in charge and I am not, that I am called to trust His authority over me, He has already made me complete in Christ.

One Word themes of the last few years:


This year, 2016, my ONE WORD is LIFE.  The Lord kept bringing the word LIFE to me during the last few months of 2015.  I have been asking Him to renew my soul and spirit along with a desire to be healthy and well.  Heart, Soul, Mind and Strength. 

I want to live well while living.

This will come as I allow His word at work in me to restore, heal and mend the broken places.  A work that will not be always pleasant but will be for my good in order to Complete the work  am Chosen to accomplish. As I Rest in His Word and Trust in His plan, true health and wellness will come and my LIFE will be abundant and vibrant.

The plan is simple. 

Live in Faith Everyday. 

Oh, how easily I complicate things! 

What is your ONE WORD this year?

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