The Big Oak Tree in my front yard is the most beautiful tree I've ever seen.  My husband doesn't think so.  He is always talking about having it "trimmed" or "shaped up".  I think it is perfect. 

Here is why.

A few years ago, we cleaned up the undergrowth around the tree and cleared an area for a patio.  We (I mean HE!) worked hard to scrape and smooth and level an area so that we (HE) could put down some flagstone pavers.  He then smoothed in some quick-crete mix and then turned on the water hose to make the patio come together. PERFECT! (in a rugged sort of way)

We had been given an antique metal glider and chair that we put on the patio and that is where we would sit at the end of the day, listening to the birds, talking, planning. Good times.

A Perfect Storm

We had a really bad icy storm one winter.  That storm took out power, kept us stranded at home for a day or so, and damaged trees through out our area.  Including my beautiful tree. 

Once the storm was past we looked up and the rough and rugged, now ugly tree standing in our side yard.  Would it live?  It did not look good.  At all.  Stripped bare of summer leaves. Naked in the cold sharp winter. Broken by the ice and snow. beautiful tree was

The Broken Oak

I remember walking in our neighborhood one day and looking up at that Broken Oak...At that time, I felt much like that tree looked.  Lonely.  Broken.  Would I ever be restored?

Spiritual Warfare was taking it's toll on my spiritual and mental state.  I felt as though the Winter Season of my Soul would not end...this is what happens when storms come...they are devastating, excruciating...testing us in our faith and faithfulness.

But as seasons go, they change. And God changes us during the seasons of our lives.  I began to see new growth bud out on the ancient limbs of this tree I had begun to love.  "Please Lord, bring new life into my soul..." 

Soon, the birds began to come back to nest as the leaves came out green and lush.  Songs. Sweet and clear.  From the tree and to my heart.  "Thank you Jesus". 

In no time at all, you could not tell that there had ever been an ice storm in months past.  Soon, the branches that looked so pitiful stripped bare and broken had become green and and full, hiding the brokenness. 

Not just the tree.  But me.

I had wondered if the tree would survive.  And God revealed to me that if the Roots were strong and deep..there was hope...AND...if my Roots were strong and deep, so would I. 

I praise God today for His faithfulness and loving kindness.  He is the glory and lifter of my head.

The WORD, Worship and Prayer
These are my ROOTS