Children of the Day: Session 1

By now you have gone to LifeWay or online to purchase your Children of the Day workbook and you have joined a small group for the weekly video session.

If you do not have a small group to join, then I am very glad you are stopping in.  Each week, I plan to post a "Review" of the weekly home work with some extra questions or activities.  

EVERYONE can go to to purchase your individual video sessions  for about $5. These  will enhance your study.  They are not required.  But helpful.  

I am not able to post the videos here for copyright purposes.  

AS WE BEGIN... let me tell encourage you to approach Bible Study from where you are in life.

Not everyone has the Table of Contents in the front of the Bible memorized.  Not everyone grew up in Sunday School and knows all the 10 Commandments and stories of the Old Testaments leaders by heart.  Not everyone has their lives all together... HA. None of us do!!!

Do not compare yourself to anyone else. 
Come to God with a heart ready to hear from Him and He will teach you what your current season needs as you continue on your journey.

Read About the Author and Introduction to the study.  
Watch Session 1
Pray about your participation 

There are 4 levels of participation in the study that you can commit to. 

Participate in the video sessions
+ do the weekly homework assignments
+ handwrite the two books to the Thessalonians 

+ memorize the books. 

WOAH!!! What??? Do NOT feel pressure at that last one, friend.  These are options and the goal of suggesting these options is to help you to take your current level of commitment to Bible Study up a bit.  BUT, do not submit to a Spirit of Competition or Insecurity.  Pray. Ask God. Do what your current life journey will allow you without fear of condemnation or comparison when considering what anyone else will do. 

THIS IS  YOUR JOURNEY.  Trust God for it and do not compare yourself to anyone else. 

In Session 1 Video, Beth overviews WHO the writers of 1 & 2 Thessalonians are as a way of helping us to understand the personalities of Paul, Silvanus, and Timothy and how they came to be close friends in the ministry. This will be helpful as we seek to understand what is begging written and to whom and by whom.  

This week's memory verse: (optional)

1 Thessalonians 1:4 The NET Bible:
We know, brothers and sisters loved by God, that He has chosen you.

BEFORE you begin the homework for week one, find a quiet place.
Picture yourself sitting down with God.  Talk to Him.
Let Him know where you are in your journey and simply have a Heart to Heart with Him.
Tell Him everything that is on your mind.
Ask Him to meet you in your NOW.  Ask Him to teach you about Himself.
Decide. Make a choice. 

Lord meet with us as we seek you with expectation.

The Word. Worship. Prayer.
These are my Roots.