Children of the Day: Session 2

How was your first week of study in 1 Thessalonians? 

There were several "stand out" moments for me this week:

1) Acts 17:2-4 Paul "reasoned through Scriptures, explaining and proving the Messiah" to some Jews, a large number of God fearing Greeks and "quite a few prominent women."

The mention that "quite a few" women were under the teaching of Paul blesses me. It reminds me of the times where women are mentioned in the gospels in regard to Jesus ministry, revealing that God values the role of women in our places of influence: our homes, our families, workplaces, marketplace and the Church included.  

 "you  count, Sister.  All it takes to lead is for people to see you following Jesus"

pages 16,17 Week 1

2) 1 Thess. 1:4 "Loved by God" 

Are you like me?? Needing the reminder that your are LOVED BY GOD?? 

"we cannot love when we perceive ourselves as unloved.  WE cannot offer to others what we don't possess."  

"Keep yourselves in the love of God, expecting the mercy of our Lord Jesus Christ."  Practice the mindset of being profusely loved by God.

page 21, week 1

3) "god is ever present no matter how sluggish our souls feel toward Him."- just wow!!! 
page 24, week 1

4) The Wind.  I had a few moments of worship out on my deck as a storm was blowing by.  You can read my thoughts about it under the post "The Wind and the Spirit".  

pages 24-25, week 1

5) 1 Thess. 1: 6-7  We set an example to others to imitate.  They set and example to others. This is a cycle of discipleship where we must be imitators of Christ, then look to others who are also examples of Christ at work in a life that seeks to honor God. 

"Imitators of Christ are still crucial to spreading the gospel."

page 28-29, week 1

6) 1 Thess. 1:8-10 "The Word of the Lord rang out everywhere."  

This reminds me of how WE living in the 21 century have the ability- literally- to spread the Word of the Lord throughout the WORLD via our world wide web and  our Social Media outlets.  There is NO REASON why we are not sharing the gospel to those both Near and FAR.

page 31-32, week 1

now it's your turn...

DAY 1  Over how may Sabbaths did they serve in Thessalonica (p 16)
DAY 2:  Who wrote each letter to the Thessalonians? (p 19)
DAY 3:  How, according to Paul, did the gospel come to the Thessalonians? 
           (p 25)
DAY 4:  The Thessalonian believers "became" what two things (p 28)
DAY 5:  What sounded forth from the Thessalonians after their conversion? 
           (p 32)


DAY 1:  How are you impacted by the knowledge that the Holy Spirit had you in 
            mind as Scripture was penned. (p 18)
DAY 2:  What good memory do you have from a harsh season of your life? 
            (p 20)
DAY 3:  How would you describe the Holy Spirit within you bearing witness? 
            (p 24)
DAY 4:  Do you embrace or struggle with the fact that our God is filled with joy? 
            (p 28)
DAY 5:  Describe a situation in which you witnessed or participated in "the 
            excited transmission" of the gospel. (p 34)

I would love to hear from you... if you have any thoughts, insights or questions about this weeks homework, please comment below, or find me on Facebook.  

ALSO: if you are unable to participate in a small group or if you have chosen to do this study solo, then please download this week's video session from 

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Be Blessed!