Children of the Day Week 3

Well, we have made it this far!  We can certainly press on and press in from here!

This week was a reminder to me to keep doing just that. PRESS ON. PRESS IN.  

There is a song by Darlene Zschech that says "my heart leans in...".  Can we do that?  Can we just LEAN IN and Lean on the shoulder of Jesus for just a few moments??

Life is hard. It's been a hard week for many of us in many ways.  But not as hard as Paul and Silas had when they visited the Philippians who beat them, dragging them through the marketplace and throwing them in to prison.  Now THAT is a bad week.  

You'd think they would get discouraged and give up, but NO. While in prison, God miraculously released them while they sang praise and worship songs to Him.   They encouraged others, then went on their way and continued to preach the gospel.  (Acts 16)

Like I said.  Life is hard.  I wanted to give up on some things last week and this week, too.  Cause it is hard to keep up the good fight of faith sometimes.  But here is a truth I am clinging to today:

HE is Worthy and HE is Worth IT!

One note I made myself  in the margin on page 41:

"Reflect on those first four verses of 1 Thessalonians 2 again.
Ask yourself:  Did we do the will of God as best we perceived it? Were we authentic before God and man?"

My response: Purity and blamelessness is not to equal to being perfect, 
but rather pursuing the One who IS.

On Day 3 this week, we looked at A Theology of Walking and how we are exhorted in the Scriptures to Walk Worthy of the calling we have to share the gospel to the least and the lost.  It occurs to me that we can walk forward, eyes ahead, looking at the goal and prize of Jesus.... or we can walk toward Him while looking backward at the way life was, or what we miss or regret or wish we could do over... we will reach the same destination- eventually- but the walk is much harder and easier to get off course when we are looking backward and not ahead.  Can I say it again???

HE is Worthy and HE is Worth IT!

So let's press in and press on together.  Let's encourage one another and others and continue to do this gospel life that we are called to share. He is walking among the Churches. Oh, let Him find us faithful!

I desire Jesus
Precious Lamb
Who ransomed me
And unto You an offering
Will my life forever be

You are worthy of all honour
All glory to Your Name
You alone deserve
Our highest praise
And forever You will reign

You are all glorious
You are all glorious
My heart leans in
My soul must sing
You are all glorious
2012 Hillsong/Cornerstone Album

Review the Week:


DAY 1- What happened to Paul and Silas after they were 
            dragged into the marketplace before the authorities 
            (Acts 16:22-24)? (p. 39)
DAY 3- What action verb describes how we journey with 
            God? (p 47)
DAY 4- Focus on 1 Thessalonians 2:14. How had the 
            Thessalonians become "imitators of God's churches 
             in Christ Jesus that are in Judea"? (p 51)
DAY 5- In Thessalonians 2:19-20, what words did Paul use to 
            describe the Thessalonians Christians? (p 58)


DAY 1- What do you think He's searching out and testing our 
            hearts to find? (41)
DAY 2- Does 1 Thessalonians 2:8 stir up a story of your 
             own? (p 46)
DAY 3- How does Christ walking among the churches 
            encourage you? (p 49)
DAY 4- Share a time when you experienced some form of 
            persecution because of your 
            belief in Jesus. ( 51)
DAY 5- Have you ever avoided relationships to avoid pain? 
            (p 59)

If you missed this week's video session, you can go to Life Way and down load your very own copy!  You will not be disappointed!

The Word. Worship. Payer.
These are my Roots.