Freedom is found in the One who loves us most

Pressing Down
Pain Hurt Disappointment
Shame Fear 

The Serpent Grows
Slithers Out
Seeking to Devour
Slicing Sharp Words

Venom Spewing
Lashing Out
Eyes of Fire
Rage upon Rage

It is now exposed
Evident to all
Yet denial is the language
It Hisses

Cutting Biting Devouring
Defending Self-Erected Walls
Un-Forgiveness Bitterness Anger
Enslaves Torments
Slowly Kills

Truth Love Kindness
Joy Encouragement Grace
Peace Peacemaking
These are not what evil speaks

We wrestle not against flesh and blood
But Flesh and Blood it feels
Twisted Truth
Love with conditions
Broken hearts collide

Hearts Bound and Chained
Confess they are free
Tangled in webs and roots
Unstable Foundations Crumble

Messy hearts make messy homes
Life IS messy but 

The Messiah is Master
Sets Free Heals Restores
Delivering Love’s Message

He exchanges a Message for Messy

Letting go of self and stuff
Trusting Unseen Hands who Hold
Free-falling into Grace
Resting in Everlasting Arms

Freedom is found in the One who loves us most

The Word. Worship. Prayer.
These are my roots.