Psalm 56:3-4


Time for NEW. New Habits. New Starts. 
New LIFE!  

Years ago, when my boys were little and my husband the Youth Pastor of our church and people thought I had God-Answers to their How to Do Life Questions, I began to see that the only way I would SURVIVE LIFE was to KNOW what God's Word says for myself.  

I had to get REAL and STOP IT!! 

when it comes to knowing how to give Godly Counsel 
to those who are seeking Him

Getting HONEST with God about my lack of love for HIS WORD was not easy, but it was NEEDED.  He already knew my inmost heart... 

Even though the Bible was the Book for me... 
I did not  stand alone on the Word of God.  

I stood on my own feelings, thoughts, emotions, experiences, my upbringing.  While I may have been raised right, I know that the Word was not important in my daily raising.  

I had NO IDEA how to begin, so I just prayed.

I prayed to fall from my prideful post of pretension. 

I prayed to fall in love with the Bible and found myself on a journey that I cannot define or describe except to say that GOD ANSWERS this kind of prayer with a resounding YES!! 

He does and He did.

Since that time, I have found that when a verse or passage stands out to me in a certain way, when it resonates with my soul and its longings, then God intends for me to HIDE THAT WORD in that spot that is aching for HIM.  And He speaks to me there... from His Word and by His Word.  

God whispers His Word into the Soul

For the third time, I am participating in a Scripture Memory Team that Beth Moore 
at Living Proof Ministries is sponsoring online via their BLOG.  It's really EASY to do.. simply leave your "I'M IN" comment on the Memory Team  instructions post and then commit to memorize TWO verse per month, posting on the Living Proof Blog on the 1st and 15th of each month.  

What to memorize?? Whatever God leads you to from His Word.  OR you can pick what someone else or even what Beth is memorizing.  Whatever is BEST and Works for you!  Just remember

God's Word Works, so whatever you seek to memorize, it will not only work ON you, it will Word THROUGH you to accomplish God's plans.  He is just like that! (see Isaiah 55:11)

My friend Michelle Miner wrote a book a couple of years 
ago that is a GREAT resource on how to memorize scripture 
if you would like to check it out...

I have been praying about this for a little while and asking God what He is trying to teach me during this current season. 

The word TRUST continues to echo in my heart and mind. 
So I am going with verses on TRUST for now.  As you pray, God will direct you as well. What is ONE WORD that He is speaking to you right now?  Then search verses that speak toward that and see what HE will say to you... 

2015 Scripture Memory Verse #1

Psalm 56:3-4 New Living Translation

But when I am afraid,

    I will put my trust in you.  I praise God for what he has promised.
    I trust in God, so why should I be afraid? What can mere mortals do to me?