Slipping and Falling in Love- Part 3

Valentines Date Night, Friday February 17, 1989

All the right makings for romance gone wrong- completely wrong!  Then I slipped and fell!

I fell in love with a man who is not only strong and brave, but also full of grace. 

He helped me to my feet and we had a good laugh.  Holding hands we trekked up my parent’s driveway and kissed goodnight under the snowfall of our journey toward a lifetime of love.  And we have never forgotten or neglected to laugh at this night in our story. 

Romance comes unexpectedly and catches us off guard sometimes. 
When you literally slip 
on the ice, face ignited with embarrassment, 
your heart enflamed 
with love...Romance is there to pick you up and and smile his love into your soul. 

Romance sometimes takes hold of your hand and your heart and silently tells your insecure soul…