Slipping and Falling in Love- Part 1

Valentines Date Night, Friday February 17, 1989
(Part 1)
I should have seen the handwriting on the wall.  
On our first Valentines Day together, guys who talk sports and guys stuff surrounded me.  How could I have been so blind? Love can be a slippery thing.
Snow had begun to fall late in the afternoon accumulating a recorded 10-18 inches of snowfall across the entire state of North Carolina over a two-day span. I was nervous that our date would be canceled.  

I was nervous to go on a date for Valentines Day.  Did he like me? Did he love me? Or not?  

I was uncertain and doubts clouded my mind and heart.  He was focused, determined and confident, however, that we would have a romantic First Valentines Date together.

I lived with my parents in rural Kings Mountain, NC and just getting to our driveway was a slippery adventure.  I worried the whole time we were out that he would not get me home-we may slide off the road and be stranded in the cold somewhere.

I don’t like to be cold. 

Convinced that my long gravel drive way would not be safe to navigate, we parked his car at my grandparents house at the bottom of the hill so he could walk me home in the moonlit snow after our date.

Picture the scene: The ice-cold stillness of the night air... filtered moonlight peeking through the clouds, snow falling in a swirl, gathering closer as a covering.