[Colossians] The Gospel of Grace_part 2

Suffering for the Gospel
Christ in you the Hope of Glory

When I am tired or have pain in my body or have any sort of “problems” I become a ZOMBIE.  The I stare at the wall, I want to take a nap, get nothing done. I make a list of what I need to get done knowing full well that I will not accomplish much because I feel like a kind of ZOMBIE. 

In these last few verses of Colossians 1, Paul writes from a perspective of being able to share the mystery of the Gospel of Grace even as he suffers.  In Prison.  Beaten.  Stoned- like the kind with real rocks!  Left for dead. More than you and I will probably ever face or experience. The pain and deformity his body must have received from all he had endured... 

Yet. He was glad, rejoiced even, to suffer and press through, struggled, in order for the Gospel of Grace to be proclaimed. 

Not minimizing in any way what you and I experience in the way of physical emotional and mental suffering. We live in a world where life happens and we get aches, pains, ailments and real issues going on. 

This passage just makes me rethink how distracted I allow myself to become. I don't want to miss being able to share Grace with others or miss the plan God has for my life because I am in a Zombie State or Stress Paralysis over all that I am not getting done when I don't feel my best.  

I am choosing to turn my sorrow in to rejoicing...even when I don't feel like it.  I am making a choice to praise God for anything that is not "right" in my life.  Otherwise, I will continue to become off focus, miss what God has, not accomplish what He has for me and fail to be present on the Kingdom Calendar.  I am refusing to give in to this scheme of the Enemy.  He is real.  Yes and so are my distractions.  But greater is my God and we overcome by His mighty hand!

What is the mystery of the Gospel of Grace?  
Christ IN YOU. The Hope of Glory. 

Are you distracted from accomplishing what God has planned for you to do on His behalf?

What keeps you distracted from being and doing what God has called you to do for His Kingdom? 

How can you press through and pray through and not be distracted by the struggles you face?

Make a list of what bothers you, keeps you off focus.  What issues are you dealing with… mentally, physically, emotionally?  
Instead of being distracted by them, use them for His purpose today. 

BIG IDEA:  Praise God for your issues, pain, suffering-whatever concerns you... Thank Him that these sufferings lead you to seek Him more. 

Don't let the enemy get you off track.  God is still in control of your life and issues you face.  God ahead. Praise the LORD!