{Wedding Week} Friday

Tonight really happened.  Mike walked with me from the parking lot into the newly renovated sanctuary of Washington Baptist Church where we would rehearse for Kyle an Olivia's wedding on Saturday.

This moment was strange to me on multiple levels.  Short glimpses of memories from our ministry time at this church flashed into my mind, but I had to put those away for the present season of our journey.  

I turned around to see Cameron and Matthew coming in, looking around at the space, smiling and talking about how long it had been since we had been in that very room.  It's true that you should never say "never".  God is so good. He laughs when we say silly things like that as if we know what our future holds.

Then Olivia's family arrived, friends too.  Chattering, talking and laughing... sounds of excitement and nerves in the air of this space that will be transformed into a place of worship and covenant on Saturday.  A room is just a room, but marriage is sacred and holy, a divine embrace of soul and spirit that cannot be broken or undone.  

Sacred. Holy. Divine. Marriage. Covenant.  
Father, teach Olivia and Kyle to embrace 
the gift of YOU in their marriage.  
Even when life is hard, and it will be sometimes, 
but you are really good at hard and hurt 
and you are 
Healing and Peace.

The Rehearsal Dinner went off well.  Everyone enjoyed the time of casual, family-style gathering in our home.  In fact we enjoyed it so much, we forgot to take pictures!!! 

Once upon a time, people did things like that though... enjoyed fellowship and community without a phone in their hand, believe it or not!

Matthew, Cameron and Kyle lingered with Mike and me for a while after everyone left.  Nothing special.  Help with clean up, dishes, clearing away and putting the house aright. 

Things they learned to do when they were little... helping Mama.  

It truly is the little things that mean the most in life.  Simple everyday ordinary life that make up moments to treasure.  And The Boys, well, they are my most favorite treasures of all!  

Mothers Day 2015
Kyle (20) Cameron (23) Matthew (22) AbbiRose (1) Me....??