{Wedding Week} Thursday

I could have said NO, I don't have time, but I couldn't. I really needed some girl time this week and I needed to be distracted a little from all this "mama memories" coming at me this week.  

Since I live with all men, and they don't always "get" when I just need to talk about "feelings" and stuff.  Sometimes, they do... but then their eyes glaze over and I know they can not keep up with my random  emotional heap of words and need-y-ness.  (is that a word?) So they will just give me a hug and and "I love you, Mom."  and that melts my heart and then I move on so they can too.  

So, my friends McKinley and Coty came over to help me with a project and to spend some time together with me.  They were the perfect distraction and help for me!!!

I have had this Turquoise Table Project on my "list" for quite some time, but it has just not worked out.  Then, we began planning to host the Rehearsal Dinner for Kyle and Olivia here at our house, so I wanted to have the table ready for that event, but it was not going to happen without help.

Coty and McKinley to the rescue!!! 

Mentoring is fun and such a blessing.  This, too, is a new adventure and journey for me.  Im not sure I know how to mentor young women in the Lord.  Together we are going to "do life together" and see what happens.  Ladies, you make my heart smile! Thanks for your help, your encouragement, your laughter and your time.  You don't know how much you helped me!  I am so thankful for you!

I should up date you on other wedding details... 

Kyle has been working all week, checking on honeymoon plans/reservations/details.  Olivia has been working and getting their house all ready for their return.  Matthew has been hard at work all week at his new job.  Cameron, who lives downtown, has been busy with work as well.  Mike has had hospital visits, a funeral, general weekly items a pastor does, study time and has been helping me with whatever needs to be done here at home.  We're still planning to sell the house, but this week has been Wedding Week and the focus has been on family.  

Tomorrow is the rehearsal.  It will begin to really sink in that my boys have grown into men and that Kyle is taking a wife.  I will be sitting on the pew watching all three of my men up there on the platform.  I will be one proud and blessed woman, for sure!!! But today... it still feels a little like a dream, surreal.