Armor of God [Week 4]

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In the New Testament there are many references where Paul tells the early church to be careful how we walk, to walk worthy, to not walk as unwise. There are implied references that our feet may wander from the Truth and therefore we would loose what we have worked for.  

We have not worked for salvation, but rather we work to grow in the grace that salvation brings us to share with others.  

When we embrace the Good News of the Peace we are offered by God the Father through Jesus Christ, we receive Peace with God. No longer separated from Him by our sinful soul.  Christ Himself covers us with His blood that was spilled for the sins of the world in order to cleanse us and make us holy before God. He is the Prince of Peace and gives us His Own Peace to wear before God instead of our nakedness and shame.  

When we begin to think about all that our lives have been, all the sin that once separated us from a right relationship with God the Father, how much we have been forgiven, we can then begin to serve others in the humility and grace and strength that Christ gives us as we extend that same Peace.  

We can call our friends, family and those we meet to come and live in Peace.  

He himself is our Peace.

Living inside of His Peace, we can then stand firm when life comes at us with gale-force winds and blinding darkness.  Life is hard.  Life gets harder some days, weeks, months, seasons... but we take heart, because He has over come the world and He has not left us as orphans to deal with the mess of hurt, fear, rejection, betrayal, sickness, disease and broken relationships.  We can stand in Peace because He is near... and so close to those who are broken in spirit.  

We have Peace with God.  We have the Peace of God.  And that is some beautiful footwear right there!   

Stand firm, then, my friend... God is on your side and He is able to keep you from falling.  
Get ready... you might feel like your are falling, tumbling down, but His word says His gospel of peace is able to steady you... Stand strong, then with your feet ready to face whatever because God is your strength and sure foundation.  


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