CHOSEN {30 Days of Thanks}

Canva Design/photo DeAnna Morris
Day 14:  Chosen
John 15:16

Do you remember kick ball in elementary school?  When the teacher would line everyone up, choose two captains who would then pick their teams one by one?  Were you first to be picked? Or last?

If you were like me, you stood there wondering if the best captain would pick you with along with your favorite teammates.  Fearful in the middle of the picking that you may be picked last and a sure sign that you were not good enough?  Ok, so you were a better kick ball player than me… I am ok.  Now.

According to John 15:16, Jesus picked us.  He picked us out and has called us by name to be on His team.  The Victor’s Team.  

To know that God has specifically picked you out and has called you by name is an issue of knowing your identity in Christ.  Stop for a moment or two today and thank God that He has called you by name and has chosen you to be His own.

The Word Worship Prayer
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