Dinner & a Movie

Hunky Hubby took me on a little Dinner & Movie date last night... 

We went to the theater to see God's Not Dead, but when we got there, the show we had planned to see was SOLD OUT!! Well, that's good, except we like to be home early! But the next showing was only an hour later, so we went over to a little restaurant called TableFields... where they serve up some yummy healthy food!

Here is a picture of the Veggie Pizza that I ordered.  I only ate half and brought the other half home for lunch today... except Cameron ate it instead. That's OK.  That is what us MOM's do... share our food- even with the grown up kids!

Then over to the movies we went!  We found ourselves seated in front of our new neighbors who live down the street from us.  Ironically, when we found our seats, there was a commercial playing for a Disney and the song, of course, was "It's a Small World After all.."  How cool was that!

I am also a people watcher... and I am always entertained!  The theater was full, but not overfull or crowded, plenty of empty seats here and there.  There were those TWO SEATS on the sides of the larger middle section where groups of TWO could have easily sat down to enjoy the movie with their LARGE Popcorn and SODA... 

But NO.  This one couple made their way in the semi-darkness to sit right in front of us.  
NOT A PROBLEM... for us.  It just didn't make sense that there were two seats directly across the isle they could have sat in when what they chose to do was sit RIGHT BESIDE a family seated in front of us.  Who does this??? 

It would have been different if there were not OTHER SEATS where the two of them could have sat and not been RIGHT ON TOP of another family... BUT they did.  

AND then proceeded to take off their coats after they were seated making it fun to watch them try not to touch the other people they did not know... I am still in awe of how clueless human beings can be in social settings!!!

Oh, and then came the movie.  God's Not DEAD.

Mike and I really enjoyed the movie. It was not cheesy, like some "Christian" movies, when the director and actors try really hard to be perfectly spiritual and religious.  We may be biased, but we thought that Kevin Sorbo did an outstanding job playing the part of an outraged atheist.  The other main actors were believable too and the movie revealed real life choices and decisions that WE ALL face when it comes to what we believe.  The characters didn't always get it right.  Neither do we.  I appreciated that perspective by the directors.  

Were there some less experienced actors/extras in the movie? Yes.  But the main actors/characters took center stage and they were great!  The movie, as I have read, is not a major budget flick, but that didn't make the final product seem like it was lower budget than, say DIVERGENT or NOAH...  

All in all, I would give this movie a Two Thumbs UP... (like you care how many thumbs I have!!! hahah!!!)  Seriously, this is a movie well done and well played.  I hope you will go see it!