Longing for Paris_Book Review

I am a day dreamer.  I have so many ideas and thoughts and plans of things I want to do, places I want to go, things I want to accomplish in life... and also I want to be perfect at everything!  

How unrealistic of me. 

“ I want to know how to live between this tension of following my dreams and living a Jesus-following, cross-centered life.  I want to know how not to shut out my longing, while at the same time giving myself to the daily work…does the Lord approve of my dreams?"

Maybe God has placed these longings and dreams and hopes inside of me for some kind of higher purpose with a greater plan and design for my life that is so much BIGGER than I could ever hope or dream. 

“Something in me aches as I come back to reality.  Why these dreams?  Why this longing? I’m happy with my life, thankful for all I have. And yet…"

Sara Mae's new book Longing for Paris is designed to help answer and teach how our longings, hopes dreams and longings of the heart are actually God ordained.  Sara Mae shares the uncovering her own motivation and desire for the city of Paris, the ultimate romantic-beautiful destination so many only dream of- and how that very longing and dream is what led her to pursue Paris right in the middle of the everyday ordinary walking out of life. 

Sara Mae walks the reader through her own thought process of pursuing the longings of her heart and beautifully shares her life and family while living out faith and grace.  In wisdom she encourages the reader to embrace the process the walk of faith requires while pointing toward deeper purposes that God has placed in us.

My favorite quote in the entire book:
“We can choose to just see or we can see and experience."

If you have dreams that you just know are God placed in your heart but can't find them to be your reality, then READ this book! It just might be that God has indeed placed these dreams in your heart, but what they look like under His loving eye is a little different-yet so much bigger and better- than you can ever imagine.