Worship Wednesday

Let me say up front... I am the WORST one.  The one who allows the mind to run rampant on tangents of the lies of the Enemy... His favorite lie... that trips me up the most... is the one where he chants, "You're Not Good Enough!"  When I begin to feel that I loathe myself, then I realize that he is up to it again.  

The Liar thinks he is winning and keeping me off the path that God has chosen for me when I begin to believe these deceitful words that do nothing but Steal, Kill and Destroy Faith, Joy and Hope.  

You too???  Let's raise our Shield of Faith today... Lift up our eyes and sing... Let us Worship in abandon.  Let's be thankful that GREATER is He who is IN US, than the one who roams thought the earth seeking whom to devour.  

With thankful hearts, let us look UP to the cross... Jesus said, if we look to Him we will be saved.  Eternally, yes.  In the moment, yes.  

My favorite line of this song, "Your love reached all the way." All the way.  Filling up the gaps where only Grace can fill and bring us to the Love of the Father... Oh, the Wondrous Cross!!!